Fatima Crime

 A New Film Revealing what happened to the Seer of Fatima

"Fatima Crime" - The Trailer

The time is now to break the story of the century to an unknowing world. This story, the one of the disappearance and replacement of Sister Lucy dos Santos, the Seer and Messenger of the Apparitions at Fatima after 1958, is not one just meant to be part of the common understanding of those who have been faithful to the Catholic Faith during these times of apostasy, rather, it is meant for the wide world, a world to which the Fatima Message was directed, and a wide world that has gradually been exposed to the corruption and cover-up perpetrated by the occupiers of the Vatican over the last 60 years. This story is not only of grave significance from the supernatural perspective of faith, but it is also monumental from a historical, political, and, even, forensic perspective in that it does much to explain the course of the devastating events that have cascaded onto the world since the social and religious revolutions of the 1960s. 

With our launching of the idea of a movie project to reveal the story that hard science has discovered concerning the Fatima Imposture, we are simply responding to the intrinsic importance of the case of Sister Lucy dos Santos of Fatima itself. This grave fact of history is not just meant for the Main Stream Media, it is a fact that is meant for the Red Carpet Main Stream Media. We only reach out to a director, producer, and sponsor who will take up a story, that uncovers a plot, like the world has never seen. Who will be the courageous one? - Dr. Peter Chojnowski - Contact: justicepc@yahoo.com

"DNA Announcement from Sister Lucy Truth"-Sister Lucy Truth needs help- We are at the point in the Forensic examinations that the DNA from relatives is crucial.  
SLT has posted a 1000 dollar reward,with help, that amount may increase.

denunciantes portugueses procuradospor favor me ajude Irmã Lúcia dos Santos
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SLT is searching for a Director/Producer who would like to take on this Film Project -"Fatima Crime" Contact Dr. Chojnowski - justicepc@yahoo.com

An Interview With -Dr. Chojnowski - Excerpt 

"Introduction to the Fatima Investigation"

"Introduction to the Fatima Investigation" 

"The Messenger of Fatima and the Woman who Replaced Her

"The Messenger of Fatima and the Woman who Replaced Her" -On YouTube

"Lois Gibson - All Forensic Reports For Sister  Lucy Truth- EXPLAINED" -Film Below-

The Last Interview of Sr. Lucy-1957- See Film Below

      In Defense of Fr. Fuentes- Above