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Idenity Thieves - Destroying the Message and Messenger of Fatima.

A Demonstration from Sister Lucy Truth.

What happens when you overlay the face the of the impostor Lucy on top of real Messenger of Fatima? Have a look.

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"Another Fatima Secret UNCOVERED" - Forensic Art

Forensic Artist and Sculptor Carlos Bezerra adds more evidence to the FACT that Sr. Lucy of Fatima was placed by an Impostor.  Direct Link   You Tube

"Plastic Surgeon Forensic Report for SLT"

Sister Lucy Truth again shows a Forensic report proving that there was an Imposter. This time it is a Forensic Plastic Surgeon report.


As a board-certified Plastic Surgeon, I am of the opinion that Subject B and Subject C share some similarities, but I am very confident they are not the same individual. The strongest evidence for this conclusion is the discrepancy between the chins. Subject C and Subject D have far more prominent, protrusive chins when compared to the profile view of Subject B. This difference cannot be explained by the aging process. Nor could dental work account for the observed discrepancy. - Dr. Julio Garcia- Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. 

Sister Lucy Truth is reaching out to the Italian-speaking community in order to brief them on the facts that have been uncovered by the investigation into the history and identity of Sister Lucy dos Santos, the Messenger of Fatima. Basing itself solely on scientific analysis, made available by the most up-to-date technological advances, Sister Lucy Truth is now at the stage of informing people of the Imposture and of investigating the question of what happened to the real Sister Lucy and identifying the Imposter. Hear our evidence and support our cause at 


The short film, "Contradictions" gives a birds eye view from someone who worked at the Fatima Center for 15 years.

"Fatima Priest," written by Chris Ferrara about Fr. Nicholas Gruner, acknowledged 20 years ago that a Fake Sister Lucy was paraded before a cardinal, a bishop, and Carlos Evaristo. Also, states that her blood-sister Caroline, did not see Lucy face to face for 40 years. Why didn't Fr. Gruner call the Cops? - Dr. Chojnowski, Founder of Sister Lucy Truth.

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Watch Contradictions on YouTube Above

-Shooting the Messenger of Fatima-Above

               "The Replacement of the Seer of Fatima"- It Does Matter

                                                                  "Montini and the Mimic

                                      See how the images of the Imposter were manipulated- Cut and Paste

The Cash Cow-Making a Buck off the Impostor who replaced the Seer of Fatima, Lucia dos Santos